Hoax news can trigger some people

The election of Jakarta’s governor of 2017 draws so many people attentions. When it happens, so many news about this election are circulating on the social media, and some of them cannot be trusted. That’s why it will be a wise decision for you not to share your news carelessly, especially if you are not sure about its source. You may want to visit a reliable website just like www.arah.com/pilkada.html to find the reliable news.

Sharing the hoax news can be dangerous. Some people on the internet aren’t having a good temper, so they might be triggered by your news on the social media. To make it even worse, a single news can even ruin the entire peace during the election period and even can start some riots on the streets. So, make sure you only share a trustworthy news, so you can help your friends to get themselves updated while also avoiding all the hoaxes on the internet regarding the Jakarta’s governor election as well.