Pipelaying on the exchange not be placed on areas of the canal, close the shell and other facilities which facilities have been installed at exchanger or handling partial use. Spaces are free to mounting flange exchanger must be provided. Spool nozzle mounted outside the ship in order to allow removal of the pipe bundle exchangers. Suction pipe or pipes that drain flow is also called suction pipe should be arranged in such a way to prevent a decrease in pressure and steam bag which can also cause cavitation on the impeller. If the size changes are necessary to accelerate or slow down the flow, then the eccentric reducer should be used when the bag without vent unavoidable. Installation in detail, you can see in plumbing-electriciancourses.co.uk

Installation of the pipe at the pump and the turbine should be arranged in such a way, so it is easy for maintenance and repair. It is important to prevent the demolition of a large non-essential to the maintenance and repair of the pipeline. The permanent and temporary strainer should be provided at the inlet of the pump and turbine. As for the flow of heat and cold to be aware of its flexibility, as well as the positions should buffer well and can cope with the resultant vibrations of the motor and the flow pipe.