The ulnar nerve travels and the area which it supplies

Cubital tunnel syndrome (cubital tunnel syndrome) is a collection of symptoms that arise as a result of the emphasis of the ulnar nerve in the cubital tunnel (cubital tunnel) in the elbow region. Cubital tunnel syndrome is a disorder that is quite common and ranks second abnormality resulting emphasis on the nerves (compressive neuropathy) after carpal tunnel syndrome. The ulnar nerve is one of the three nerves that innervate the hand area. Other nerves are the median nerve and radial nerve. All three came from the area of ??the neck (cervical spine), point out all the nerves. The ulnar nerve will run along the front of the arm and hand, runs close to the surface of the skin in the elbow region, through the tunnel (grooves) cubital located directly on the inside edge of the elbow joint so easily damaged due to compression in the elbow area repeatedly. The cubital tunnel formed by muscles, ligaments and bones, and to straighten the arm, the tunnel can we touch on the inside edge of the elbow. To know more about this syndrome and how to treat it, then you can visit the website to conduct further consultations about the symptoms you feel.

Cubital tunnel syndrome occurs due to suppression of the ulnar nerve in the tunnel cubital which can be caused by constriction band fascia, subluxation or slipping of the ulnar nerve of place (out of the grooves), their valgus cubital (bone growth or bone spurs abnormal in the elbow), their swelling in the elbow joint synovium tissue, tumor, ganglia or for direct compression of the ulnar nerve. Some of the daily activities and work activities that involve repetitive elbow joint can worsen or trigger suppression and irritation of the ulnar nerve in the tunnel.